At Deerstream, we affirm the following:

  • Instruction is from a Christian perspective as teachers help their students integrate lessons of life and learning with a knowledge of God and His ways;
  • While remaining distinctively Christian in approach and commitments, Deerstream welcomes students from families where one or both parents are not Christians yet agree to support our mission;
  • Curricula and teaching is appropriate to the age, recognizing that the more concrete the mind the more concrete should be the subject matter and approach;
  • Memory work, especially that involving Scripture and poetry, is valuable and encouraged;
  • Schoolbooks and materials need not be explicitly Christian in nature. Deerstream welcomes all truth as God’s truth;
  • Students are taught to behave based on godly principles of respect for authority, kindness to others, and stewardship of property. They are not paid for good behavior with tokens or prizes or such. Neither does Deerstream endorse whole class punishment for the fault of a few;
  • Teachers are firm yet caring, kind, and polite models of behavior;
  • Teachers are quick to recognize and celebrate each student’s gifts as all seek to learn with and from one another; and
  • Deerstream is a happy place in which participants are actively engaged in learning, and a sense of orderliness and kindness prevails.

Engaging minds, connecting hearts

We’d love to share with you what makes our program so special.