What defines Deerstream? We’d love to share with you what makes our program so special.

Deerstream’s Distinctives

  • Small classes: Each class is comprised of no more than 15 students, providing ample opportunity for effective, targeted instruction and participation in lively, substantive classroom discussions.
  • Qualified faculty: Classes are taught by talented and trained professional Christian educators who seek to instill a lifelong love of learning in students―imparting knowledge, sparking curiosity, and engaging young minds.
  • Rich learning: A stimulating teacher-led classroom environment enables students to interact and collaborate with their peers around rich, yet developmentally appropriate, curricula. For Junior Division students, in-class learning is augmented by meaningful outside assignments, equipping and preparing them for the rigors of secondary education.
  • Christian context: Instruction at Deerstream is from a Christian perspective, as teachers help their students integrate lessons of life and learning with a knowledge of God and His ways. However, we welcome students from families in which one or both parents are not Christians yet agree to support our mission.
  • Supportive community: Deerstream works not only toward enriching students’ on-site learning but also toward the flourishing and larger good of our homeschooling families and community. We provide interested parents with input and advice about at-home curricula or other educational resources; we offer proctored standardized testing for students each spring; we host periodic panel discussions with homeschool experts; and we sponsor social events that build relationships and foster fun. Our objective? Supporting community and collaboration, both inside and outside our classrooms.

Learn about the core values that inform and guide our program.

Engaging minds, connecting hearts

We offer hands-on academic and enrichment classes to homeschool students from all across the Triangle area.