Our Program

We serve homeschool students ages 5 to 15 through three divisions: elementary (ages 5 to 12),  junior (ages 12 to 14), and high school (ages 14 and up, 9th and 10th grade).

Parents have the option of enrolling children in morning classes for one or two days per week.

Our program also features an array of afternoon class options: Café and Play gives students an opportunity to socialize as they enjoy lunch with other Deerstream friends while afternoon enrichment classes offer students myriad hands-on learning opportunities. Our afternoon course listing changes each semester; learn more about our current afternoon enrichment classes.

Elementary Program

On Monday mornings, our elementary students have the opportunity to experience “Hands-On History!”  History, culture, and geography will come alive as students engage in activities and projects incorporating art, music, dramatizations, literature, Scripture, and mapwork, too!

Offered on Wednesday mornings, Elementary Division science classes are built around a thoughtfully sequenced science curriculum with a rich sampling of Life, Earth, and Physical science topics. Our approach to learning is both hands-on and interdisciplinary. Science is examined and taught through a range of activities and projects featuring art, music, poetry, nature studies, Scripture, and literature―all of which reinforce key scientific concepts.

Junior Division Prep and Junior Division (11-14 year olds)

For our Junior Division Prep and Junior Division students, Monday morning classes feature instruction in language arts. Building upon writing fundamentals, older students are taught to organize and express their thoughts in well-developed paragraphs with introductions and conclusions. Literature of various genres and lively class discussions round out the Junior Division language arts course.

On Wednesday mornings, Junior Division Prep and Junior Division students delve even more deeply into core scientific ideas through in-class laboratory studies and at-home projects and assignments.

Junior Division Prep students study Life Science.  The Junior Division curriculum alternates between earth science and physical science and emphasizes study skills as well as foundational content. All instruction is within the context of Christian faith.   The 2021-2022 course is Earth Science.

High School (14 and up, 9th and 10th graders)

On Mondays, Deerstream offers English for 9th and 10th grade students.  The aim of this course is to help students learn to read great literature with insight and to write about it with clarity, organization, and style.  Students will spend significant time outside of class on reading and writing assignments and will come together for excellent instruction and stimulating conversation.

On Wednesday mornings, we offer high school science geared for 9th and 10th graders, alternating years between biology and chemistry.  In 2021-22, we are offering chemistry, giving students an excellent foundation through this rigorous, college-preparatory course.  Class sessions will be devoted to lecture and labs, while weekly assignments will guide students through the study of chemistry.  Tests, quizzes, and lab reports will be assigned.

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