Students do not have to be enrolled in Deerstream’s morning classes to enjoy Cafe and Play and afternoon enrichments.  If you are not currently enrolled at Deerstream Learning Center but are interested in visiting or registering for an afternoon class, please email Kelly Kirk at or call her at (919) 672-4954.

Afternoon Enrichment:  Spring 2023

Deerstream is pleased to offer an afternoon enrichment program consisting of Café and Play and afternoon enrichment classes.  This registration is for the spring semester only.


Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays;   February 13-May 4 excluding April 3-6


  • Café and Play: 12:15-1 PM—students enjoy lunch and outdoor play/social time
  • Afternoon Enrichment Classes: 1-2:15 PM


  • Café and Play Only: $100 per day(s) of choice (Mondays, Wednesdays, and/or Thursdays) for the spring semester
  • Afternoon Enrichment Class Only:  $150 per course (Mondays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays)
  • Cafe and Play and a Class:  $25 discount for enrolling in both Café and Play and an afternoon class= $225 total tuition for one day of Café and Play + a class for the spring semester


MONDAYS, 1-2:15 PM


A Charlotte Mason Inspired Hour (ages 6-10, Bethany Porter)

Inspired by the principles of Charlotte Mason, we’ll encounter truth and beauty by studying an artist and a composer, listening to poetry and music, and practicing brush drawing and paper sloyd

Outdoor Adventures (ages 5-9, Michelle Harris)- FULL

“Let us go on and take the adventures that fall to us.” CS Lewis. After having a blast learning inside all morning, we will head outside for the afternoon and have some fun. Be prepared for scavenger hunts, outdoor skills, games, creativity and so much more! We will be outside come rain or shine so dress as needed for optimal fun.

Deerstream Printing Class (ages 10 and up, Penny Mayes)- FULL

Printing! From Gutenberg to Adobe Photo Shop, reproducing pictures has been a process that has fascinated artists for centuries and beyond. Join us at Deerstream on Monday afternoons as we explore linoleum block printing using soft cut Lino blocks to make art prints and graphics. This is a fun process that uses cutting tools to create relief prints.   Click here to see examples of the process of block printing.



Read and Romp (ages 5-8, Emily Winslow)

Who is up for some fun, book-based, story-time adventures?  In this class, we will read a book (or two) each week and follow up with an activity.  These activities include a scavenger hunt, nature hike, relay races, rock painting, bird feeder creation, dramatic interpretation, active songs, and tent/shelter building.  Students will not be expected to read in this class.  Instead, book lovers and reluctant readers alike will be immersed in great literature and a related adventure.

Elementary Nature Study (ages 5-11, Kathryn Eriksen)- FULL

Students participating in Elementary Nature Study will learn how to use several nature study tools to observe, think about and document the nature they see!  We will read a short book, look at art and poetry, and then go outside to explore one specific nature topic each week.  Topics will include weather patterns, specific flora and fauna, and our specific environment.  Confidence in journaling will grow as students delight in the exploration of personal observation, sketching and color application, (pencils & water color paint) and a brief sharing time.

Running Club (ages 9 and up, Tim Williamson)

Join friends to run for fun and exercise!  Our cross-country coach, Coach Williamson, will provide opportunities for running and running games.  You don’t have to have any experience at all to join the running club, and we think you’ll find out that you will get stronger and faster before you know it!  You’ll also have a lot of fun.

Shakespeare (ages 10 and up, Michelle Harris)

We will dive into the life and times of Shakespeare and put on a performance of our own. We will learn about the Globe Theater, sayings we use today from his plays, and even a version of Star Wars in Shakespearean language. Come one, come all! Whether you are new to Shakespeare or have learned about him before there will be something for everyone.

Odyssey of the Mind & Creative Problem Solving  (age 10 through high school, Tom Bojanksi)

Odyssey of the Mind ( is a creative problem-solving program that equips young people to become successful team players, innovators, and leaders. In this class we will develop important problem-solving skills such as listening, divergent thinking, self-confidence, public speaking, engineering ability, and so much more. This will be done by solving ‘spontaneous problem challenges’ and developing a solution to a set of ‘long term’ problem requirements. While Odyssey of the Mind has a competitive element involving other teams, this will not occur for Deerstream. There will be an optional activity for students/parents to attend a free North Carolina Odyssey of the Mind tournament on Saturday, March 25, at Wakefield High School in Raleigh.



Worship and Art- (ages 5-8, Chantal Warman)

Each week, the students will consider a verse of Scripture.  They’ll take time to discuss and ponder its meaning, and then students will respond to the verse with child-led art using different mediums, such as clay or watercolors.  Students will be encouraged to use both new and familiar art techniques to worship and respond to the Lord through art.

Hands-On Equations (ages 10 and up;  students who are not yet enrolled in Algebra, Teresa Waggoner)

 Hands-on Equations is a supplemental math program that makes solving equations a hands-on activity.  Using a balance scale, game piece type pawns, and number cubes, students are able to physically represent and solve increasingly difficult algebraic equations.  Each class will include (1)new concept introduction and group problem solving; (2) review of previously taught concepts, if applicable; (3)teacher-assisted  individual practice in problem solving; and (4) as time permits, math games and additional challenging math problems.  This class is meant to encourage students’ enjoyment of mathematics and to prepare them to succeed in Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1.

Board Games (ages 8-high school, Jen Benoit)- FULL

Did you know that board games have many benefits? Playing board games boosts language skills, encourages brain development, sharpens mental focus, teaches the value of teamwork, increases frustration tolerance, and builds relationships.  Also…board games are fun!  In this class, students will have the opportunity to play some familiar games and learn new ones.   They’ll develop their strategic thinking, make some friends, and maybe they’ll even be inspired to create an original board game!

Afternoon Enrichment Teachers

 Jen Benoit is in her second year at Deerstream. Her goal is to nourish students in their creativity, personal spiritual and academic growth by encouraging never-ending excitement in learning! Her son is in middle school at Deerstream and on any day you might find her enjoying walks with her husband, doing puzzles, or seeing what fun thing she can volunteer to take part of in church and community!

 Tom Bojanski is a longtime supporter of Deerstream Learning Center and tagged along while his wife, Nikki, and a group of pioneering individuals formed Deerstream in the late 1990’s. While they homeschooled their 3 children, he had way too much fun coaching several teams of homeschool students (including Michael, their youngest child and Deerstream alum!) that participated in Odyssey of the Mind. He is now the NC Association Director for Odyssey of the Mind, coordinating activities for over 200 teams (K-12) across the state.

 Kathryn Eriksen received her BA in history from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her Masters in Education from Wake Forest University. She taught in the Chapel Hill public school system for 7 years as a high school history teacher and was awarded the district Teacher of the Year in 2010.  She then served as the Children’s Ministry Director at Christ Community Church for 7 years.  As an experienced teacher and leader, she loves helping students more completely understand the world around them.  She is married to the wonderful Rusty Eriksen, and they have four fantastic kids.  She loves reading, her Peloton, and walks on the beach.

 Michelle Harris graduated from Covenant College with a degree in Elementary Education.   Her teaching career includes a year in Uzbekistan teaching English to middle and high school students, teaching 3rd and 4th grades, and teaching English as a second language. Thirteen years ago, she became a homeschooling mom to her 4 children: Sarah (at UNC), Nathan (at Durham Tech), Micah (in public school) and Ellie (at home). She has enjoyed teaching in the home as well as several different co-ops.

 Penny Mayes is a professional art teacher, a professional educator, and a veteran homeschool mom of 20 years. Her passion is integrating hands-on art projects with history and art history unit studies. She is a teacher with more years of education experience than she would like to admit on paper.  She is also a wife, a mother, and a grandmother and holds a master’s degree in education. And she is the creator of Take Time for Art, an online art education program designed with homeschoolers in mind. And finally, after several years of detour, she is very happy to be back teaching at Deerstream! 

 Bethany Porter has a BFA in Fine Arts, with a major concentration in oil painting and a minor concentration in ceramics. She has taught art to children from preschool through high school in multiple settings, including art galleries and homeschool co-ops. She enjoys fostering a love of creating.

 Teresa Waggoner has enjoyed mathematics since her early years.  That led her to UNC-Chapel Hill where she majored in Mathematics Education (BA and MAT).  She has taught 7th and 9th grade math in public school, tutored privately, and taught her own four sons as a homeschool mom.  She enjoys cooking, cheering for the Tarheels, and spending time with her family–especially her 4-year-old grandson and 18-month-old granddaughter. 

 Chantel Warman has lived in the Durham area with her husband Jack and two children for close to 21 years. She has taught preschool for 8 years and has owned her own business, Let’s Be Arty, for 13 years. An artist herself, Chantel is passionate about the word of God and art and is delighted when they can come together.

 Coach Tim Williamson is the senior pastor at Faith Alliance Church in Durham and has 20 years of experience working with teens. He has been running since middle school and has 8 years of experience coaching cross country. He has led teams to District Championships and taken several runners to the state level.

 Emily Winslow is in her fourth year of teaching both elementary science and social studies at Deerstream.  Her background is in education, including homeschooling her daughters for the past 10 years.  Her oldest is  at Davidson College and her youngest is a high school junior at Durham Tech.  When she is not teaching, she enjoys running with her dogs, being a Girl Scout leader, reading, and traveling with her family.   

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